Indian man bit£s snake to d£ath after it att@cked him in his sleep


A snake got more than it bargained for after a man it bit, bit it back thrice leading to it d£ath.

The bizarre incident took place in Rajouli area in Nawada, India,

The man, identified as Santosh Lohar, is a labourer working on the railway line project in Rajouli.

It was gathered that he was sleeping at his base camp on Tuesday night when a venomous snake bit him.

India Today reports that instead of panicking, an enraged Santosh grabbed the snake with an iron rod and bit it back, not once but three times, ultimately k+lling the snake

When asked about his unusual response, Santosh explained, “In my village, there’s a belief that if a snake bit£s you, you must bite it back twice to neutralize the venom.”

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