“Highness nah your mate?” – Passengers raise al@rm as conductor f@lls asleep on a moving commercial bus (VIDEO)


Passengers raise alarms as the conductor doze off on a moving commercial bus, sparking unpleasant emotions as occupants fear a dreadful accident.

The viral clip showed the bus conductor in a deep sleep while hanging on the moving bus on a major road.

The video captured the young conductor dropping saliva uncontrollably from his mouth, without being affected by the unpleasant situation.

The surprising position of the conductor sleeping on duty had frightened the passengers, who proceeded to wake him, unfortunately, there was no response.

Voices of the passengers could be held in the background as they alert the driver to stop the vehicle.

Many alleged that the young man was under the influence of a drug, seeing as he didn’t wake up after the passengers tapped him consistently.  Some netizens feared the possibility of him falling from the vehicle.

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@NaroScope Imagine the risk he subjected himself to due to drug intake. Conductor job is a perilous work that needs 100% concentration, and he is playing tenten with his life over colos

@OG_umaru Life is tough man, how person go dy sleep on moving bus, yet he hold am with him life.

@YemisiKolaa This is drugs, not normal sleep. Even when they are tapping him, e no wake

@khanofkhans11_ This is too risky

@Oluwat0sin_ This one don dey on colos

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